The day i was caught in a traffic jam

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The day i was caught in a traffic jam

That's when I'm lucky; sometimes it's more like two hours each. This has given me an immense amount of time for watching the interesting patterns in the cars. Boredom led me to fantasize about the traffic being like a flowing liquid, with cars acting as giant water molecules.

Over many months I slowly realized that this was not just a fantasy. Why had I never noticed all the "traffic fluid dynamics" out there?

Once my brain became sensitized to it, I started seeing quite a variety of interesting things occurring. Eventually I started using my car to poke at the flowing traffic. Observation eventually leads to experimentation, no? There are amazing things you can do as an "amateur traffic dynamicist.

Ads Have you ever been driving on an interstate highway when traffic suddenly slows to a crawl? You inch along for many minutes while waiting to see the accident which must have caused the jam. At the same time you also curse the "rubberneckers" who are causing the whole problem. But then all the cars ahead of you take off at high speed.

The jam is over, but no accident, no police cars, nothing. A traffic jam with no cause? In the rear-view mirror you see all the poor saps behind you still stuck in the jam.

If all those people could just speed up at the same time, the whole traffic jam would evaporate.

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Why don't they ever do that? What caused the mysterious slowdown in the first place? After experiencing many of these "invisible accidents", I came up with the following explanation. To best understand this, imagine that you look down on traffic from an aerial view point.

Pretend you're in a Traffic Reporter's helicopter looking downwards. Cars lining up behind an accident Above in fig.

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Other cars are approaching from the left and stopping too. Suppose that the "wrecked" car the red one has simply become temporarily stuck. Maybe it spun out on ice. What will happen when the red car moves and unplugs the flow?

A wave of 'condensed' traffic creeps backwards Refer to fig. In the top row fig. But not all the cars can move, since most cars are stuck behind drivers who are stopped.

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Figure 2B shows the traffic a few moments later, and figure 2C shows it a few moments after that. Notice the orange car in 2A, and see how it eventually becomes unjammed in 2D and begins moving. At the same time the red car in 2A approaches the jam and is swallowed up. The reason for this is sensible: All the cars in the jam are in this situation.

Even though the wreck is gone, they remain locked at standstill because if they want to move, they ALL have to move at once. They never do, because each driver is waiting for the car ahead to move.

If I am in the traffic jam, I'm not going to move forward because I have no room to do so. I'd bump the car ahead of me.

The day i was caught in a traffic jam

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