Ratio analysis of pharma companies

Maverick Updated October 8, — 5: Investors seeking to invest in the best pharmaceutical companies are faced with a wide array of publicly traded companies from which to choose. In order to make informed choices, investors need to consider key financial ratios that are most helpful in the analysis and equity evaluation of pharma firms. Once a pharma product reaches the marketplace, the company needs to determine how high a price the company can command for a drug in order to earn a profitable return on its investment as quickly as possible.

Ratio analysis of pharma companies

Share When Viagra surged into consumers' bedrooms, Pfizer's stock enjoyed a sudden rise - satisfying investors and consumers alike. Although Pfizer was far from an unknown company at the time, most of us did not hold stock.

There are many reasons why an investor may not feel comfortable investing in pharmaceutical companies, but if you do want to get in on the next little blue pill there is still the obstacle of how to evaluate the industry.

This article will explore some of the issues involved in pharmaceutical investing. It takes between 10 to 15 years for an average drug to make it to pharmacy counters from a scientist's notebook.

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The main reason the pipeline fails to flow freely, is that the Food and Drug Administration FDA has its own shut-off valve in order to Ratio analysis of pharma companies consumers from drugs that may have unexpected side effects.

The FDA has very strict guidelines and tests that a drug must pass before it reaches store shelves; even after passing the tests, the FDA reserves the right to pull the drug en masse at any time. An investor or someone suffering from a fatal disease may bemoan that the FDA is an extra hindrance on an already complicated process.

But, as consumers, we should appreciate the fact that it is because of the FDA that we can take an aspirin without having to worry about growing a third arm.

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Choosing Between New and Old Established companies are almost always safer than new ones. If there is an up-and-coming company with an unbeatable drug, a major firm will usually come along and partner with the smaller firm, or buy it outright.

This is a safe move for the start-up company as well because the start-up will get access to the larger company's distribution channels.

Additionally, if the FDA puts the brakes on the drug, a larger firm has the capital to take it back to the lab again.

However, small firms with a history of partnering to get drugs out of the lab and into the world are worth considering. Partnerships and acquisitions of start-ups account for between a quarter and a third of most large firms' pipelines.

Some start-ups choose to go solo and market drugs directly to doctors in cities where the disease is most prevalent. These start-ups are often wildly successful in this endeavor, but these are exceptions. Performing a Check-Up A cursory glance at the pharmaceutical industry, mainly the smaller drug makers, will show that the firms trade at a higher price-earnings ratio than those in other industries.

This is because most of the expenses incurred by pharmaceuticals are of the research and development variety, and usually are expensed immediately.

This means that the company pays the cost of developing a drug years before the drug starts to produce revenue.

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Companies with price-earnings ratios in the 20s and 30s are commonplace even if the rest of the market is in the teens. Another figure that will seem out of place is the return on equity.UroGen Pharma Ltd., a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, focuses on developing novel therapies for urological pathologies.

Its lead product candidates, MitoGel and VesiGel are proprietary formulations of the chemotherapy drug Mitomycin C, a generic drug, which is currently used off-label for urothelial cancer treatment in a water-based formulation as an adjuvant or supplemental in post.

Intec Pharma Ltd., a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, focuses on developing drugs based on its proprietary Accordion Pill platform technology in Israel. To look up specific EHR/EMR adoption values for each state or to download the data, go to this interactive Tableau Workbook.

Given the current state of the debate around health care reform, one might be tempted to ask whether the political climate at the state level plays a role.

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Ratio analysis of pharma companies
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