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However, Colombia still faces grave difficulties within the country. This correlation is found in Syria, among other fractured societies, which has an astounding 6. Still, almost all regions have experienced displacement caused by violence and conflict.

Nonetheless, the prevailing pattern is displacement flowing from rural to urban settings. Instead, it intensified military deployments, armed violence, human rights abuses by state actors, and internal displacement within Colombia.

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Additionally, President Santos stated on January 15,that the Colombian government currently is exploring the possibilities of negotiating a bilateral ceasefire, which could also slow, if not entirely halt, the future number of IDPs.

Country and region specific forecasts and data, accessed Jan. Meanwhile, statistics show that Colombians are becoming richer and that 1.

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The estimated abandoned or dispossessed land lost by IDPs is, untilcalculated to be as high as 6. Women and children are particularly vulnerable segments of the IDP population who endure sexual exploitation, violence, and malnutrition.

Furthermore, many adolescent girls find themselves forced into prostitution either by gangs or by choice simply to survive. This should not be an issue since President Santos, indeclared primary and secondary education free of tuition through the Free Education Policy to benefit 8.

However, the children still need school uniforms and books for their classes, which families often cannot afford. Many schools already are also overcrowded; forcing families to send their children further away to attend school, but transportation costs are too expensive.

The long-term benefits resulting from education cannot satisfy present necessities and attending school becomes too expensive for most IDPs in the first place.

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They are not eligible for state services, live in poverty with a very low quality of life, cannot find jobs—especially on the formal labor market—since most are farmers and illiterate, and the barrios are haunted by violent gang activity—including those housing child gangs.

Though more than 3 million children have received identification cards with help from the UNHRC so they can attend school and receive health care, there is still much to be done.

Byonly 24 IDPs had received damage payments. All victims are granted rights to damages, restitution of prior living conditions, a range of social services, and special protections in legal proceedings.

Taken on July 27, The government has openly admitted to the issue a long time ago, though adequate measures to halt the rise of more IDPs and successfully aid them have yet to be fully implemented.

In fact, the current humanitarian crisis does not appear invisible at all: The crisis has been openly recognized by the government, numerous NGOs, churches, and political parties, which struggle to provide immediate relief and cover basic needs of the millions of IDPs scattered throughout Colombia.

The situation is acknowledged internationally as well: The Santos Administration has taken big steps to address the situation, but so far, the current solutions have not brought on any long-term results, leaving much to be done.

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However, these can only be realised when governments and the international community recognise that people forced from their homes require not only a humanitarian response at the height of a crisis, but sustained engagement until a lasting solution is achieved. It is imperative that the Santos Administration places a high priority on collaboration with international agencies to find and implement long-term and effective solutions to this very visible crisis of internally displaced persons.

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Colombia has experienced a number of positive developments in recent years, including a growing and diversified economy, improved relations with neighboring countries such as Ecuador and Venezuela, as well as a the.

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