Employee grievance handling in company

With that in mind, it would be silly to expect our employees or juniors not to complain about one thing or another in the workplace. To hear an employee complaining about having a hard time with their tasks, or even day to day interaction with other employees, is already something that happens in many different companies. Most companies have measures in place to deal with those complaints and resolve any problems. These measures could be in the form of company policies or programs that specifically focus on resolving issues employees have within the workplace, whether it has something to do with their job or with their co-workers.

Employee grievance handling in company

A partnership between the mail handlers union and management designed to improve quality of working life for all employees.

I applied and was selected to fill what was described as an independent detail for a flexible around the clock mail handler to represent the craft employees. The other partner position was for a supervisor who represented the management side of the house.

I was very excited about the challenge and saw it as a great opportunity to bring a multicultural setting of people together and make a quality difference in an industrial surrounding. We immediately started out by getting organized clearing out the mush-in-the-room, reviewing, destroying and reorganizing the office to immediately boost our image of the place we called our safe haven off the workroom floor.

Our intent was to pull out the duster and give this program a five star shine. Through work orders we improved the lighting, decorated the walls, and requested routine custodial maintenance in the room to prove to all employees that we really believe we do get one chance to make a first impression.

We are progressing in a keep busy mode. The room is looking good, the training aids are falling in place and we had marketing advertisements running as commercials on postal vision in an endeavor to engage our coworkers. We slowly redeveloped and fined tuned the teams already in place with refresher training and group dynamics.

There were about four quality circles.

Gate Complex, ICD/Sanathnagar

Teams made up of approximately ten mail handlers and a supervisor from different operations to work as a circle to identify and improve quality of working life issues across the workroom floor. There were about two self directed work teams each comprised of employees from the same operation attempting to improve their own operation.

After four months in office, a room facelift, and multiple group presentations somehow we had sealed the deal on about six more teams for total of twelve. With four self directed teams and eight quality circles, magically our interest rate doubled.

As coordinators we were present at all meetings to kick off each session with some warm up brain teaser exercises to get the groups focused and in thinking mode. The ice is beginning to melt right! On a regular basis there is minimum management involvement.

The minority of supervisors that do attend the meetings should understand that they are not there to be babysitters. Squelch the two way radio noise, censor the phone calls, muffle the interruptions outside the circle, and put a lid on going in and out of the room.

Postal leaders are frequently barging into the group meetings to yank employees out or end the meetings. Over a period of seven months I noticed that managers were generally disengaged from the quality of working life process.

I never saw more than two out of about ten who actually showed their physical support and a willingness to get involved with employees and share their perspective on the benefits of a QWL program. The road show was to the weekly supervisor meeting to present our ideas, concepts and bring awareness to the executive and administrative side of the house with hopes of future support.

We tried hard to show these leaders on the floor that if they used this format to figure out how to improve operations they would see that the one hour was well worth the return on investment.

We showed them photos and discussed projects like ergonomic mail prep tables, and ergonomic slide ramps under construction.

Employee grievance handling in company

We were informed after the meeting by several supervisors that this was the first time this format was used. The end result was no appreciation.Laws and Regulations.

DIR implements laws passed by the California Legislature and signed by the Governor and regulations adopted in a rulemaking process.

Employee grievance handling in company

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This is a 5 step guide to handling an employee grievance effectively and efficiently, for HR Directors and Employers, in order to save management time, preserve employee relations and keep the business out of Employment Tribunals.

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