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Charles stewart parnell essay writer

Charles Stewart Parnell was born inand became one of the nost important figures in 19th Century Great Britain and Ireland. Parnell was the leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party, and one of the strongest forces behind land reform in Ireland. Parnell also was the president of the Land League, and his relationship with William Gladstone, the four time Prime Minister, led to him being a huge part in the Home Rule battle.

As important as Gladstone was, this was also a disaster for Ireland in his downfall. Alternatively, his close work with Gladstone and his efforts to unite the conventional and revolutional sections of nationalists means there is controversy over the matter. We will write a custom essay sample on To what extent do you think that Charles Stuart Parnell damaged the cause of Home Rule?

Although the couple were already separated. A divorce decree was granted on 17th November Most of the Irish parliamentary party was catholic, and it is forbidden to remarry after divorce, so many of his own members were against him due to their religious beliefs.

Parnell was actually warned by Gladstone that if he retained leadership it would mean the loss of the next election, the end of their charles stewart parnell essay writer and also of Home Rule.

However, Parnell was determined not to concede his power. Instead of attempting to battle him, 44 of the present members simply walked out, led by Justin McCarthy to form the Irish National Federation. This created rival groups of Parnellites and anti-Parnellites. After the divorce case, Parnell reacted furiously to a letter between Gladstone and Justin McCarthy, that told how support for home rule would not continue as long as Parnell was in power.

Parnell released a manifesto to the Irish that denounced the Liberal alliance, re-affirmed the independence of the Irish Parliamentary Party and personally attacked Gladstone, thus undoing the political work he had spent the previous five years taking part in. Irish Nationalist MPs had a tough choice to make; either stand by Parnell and lose all chance of Home Rule and support from the Liberals, or denounce Parnell and separate from him yet keep his ideology.

On the 1st Decembera meeting took place between the IPP. A few days later, the Catholic clergy leaders also called upon the Irish to repudiate his position.

charles stewart parnell essay writer

This arrogance severely weakened the party as there was now no united front on which to fight Home Rule, and some support was lost as this gave anti-Home Rule politicians ammunition against the cause as Parnell gave a bad reputation through his actions.

Parnell also refused to agree, and continued with his irrefutable defiance.

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He participated in by-elections to try and regain power, but was beaten in each by anti-Parnellites. This defiance continued throughout his poor health, choosing to continue with his public agitation rather than keep himself well, even though he was suffering with a kidney condition.

Parnell died of a heart attack aged 45 at his home on the 6th October A final reason that hindered the Home Rule cause in relation to Parnell is that people believed he was in it more for personal gain than for the good of Ireland. Parnell made himself a central figure in Irish Home Rule politics, meaning that his downfall was even more crushing.

The Home Rule League and the Land League

Ensor, but in a hindering manner. This arrogance and determination to be a central figure meant that actually after his downfall he could not be replaced by anybody, weakening the Home Rule cause and the Irish party in general.

Alternatively, Parnell did also massively help the Irish cause. His relationship with the Prime Minister, William Gladstone, allowed the Irish politicians to finally gain a voice in Parliament, of which they had never had a chance to before.

C Hepburn in Source 4. Source 6, by R. One of the main reasons Parnell had success with the Irish cause was the fact that he managed to create a united Irish movement.

Early life

His support was split between the constitutionals who wished to go the legal way to win home rule and improve Irish support, but he was also supported by the more radical side of the Irish nationalists, the Fenians.

This put him in a difficult position on some decisions as it meant he may lose the support of one side, but overall this unification brought success.

Overall I feel that although Parnell was a huge damage to Home Rule after he split the party and brought a poor reputation on the Irish Parliamentary Party, without Parnell there would have been no strong case for Home Rule, as predecessors lacked his charisma, drive, and support from many areas of society, both British and Irish.

If it was not for his defiance and early death, then Parnell may have led Ireland to success with more than just Home Rule.Order custom written paper on Charles Stewart Parnell. Live Support | Log In. Sign Up Free. Essay Database Custom Writing Pricing Discounts Help. Biographies.

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The more profound of these enlightening inspirations were the betrayal and downfall of Charles Stewart Parnell, the indifference of Henrik Ibsen towards literary protests, the neglected native artistry of James Clarence Mangan, and Joyce's own role as Prefect.

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