Can culture be caught or taught essay

Across the worldinstitutions of higher education are being forced to examine whether their policies and procedures reinforce a rape culture. They can also push back in their classrooms by teaching about rape culture.

Can culture be caught or taught essay

Can culture be caught or taught essay

Culture — can it be taught? November 17, Culture — can it be taught?

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The cross cultural training programmes certainly help in guiding individuals in understanding generic cultural attributes that may differ; such as high context versus low context, direct versus indirect communication styles.

However, learning about these differences does not mean that we can change these behaviours and values of that culture. On the contrary, what it actually achieves is to make us aware of our instinctive reactions to these differences.

From this awareness, we can begin to learn and potentially then collaborate towards appropriate actions and outcomes. Culture and universal needs In most cultures, I believe, there are more similarities than there are differences. Fundamentally, when we deal with other cultures we are referring to a collection of people with certain behaviours, values and beliefs.

However, going beyond the collective to the individual level; the context is driven more by personal motivations and values. Sometimes there is a strong correlation between the individual and collective context but at other times there is not.

Which is why when I led cross cultural teams in Europe, I did not worry too much about the cultures of my team members. Instead I spent time understanding who they were and their motivations. In one instance, there was much cultural diversity — with myself, an Asian, leading a mix of continental Europeans Dutch and PortugueseBritish and a New Zealander in Portugal!

The team dynamics were certainly interesting. What was common in most of the teams I led was a universal need: Culture in context A few years back I was with a British friend in a 5 star hotel in Singapore.

Repeated requests for service at one of the restaurants went unheeded. As we were pressed for time we did not leave. Eventually we had the supervisor come to serve us and I mentioned my disappointment with the service.

Ironically it was my British friend who interjected saying that it was understandable and progressed to ordering our meal. Here was my British friend telling me about the Asian culture.

This can lead to the tendency to take things literally.

Can culture be caught or taught essay

To really understand and appreciate a culture, the finer nuances, we need to get to the inner layers or core — values and beliefs, which requires time, effort and is usually experienced when living amongst the culture. It is only when you get to know a culture better that you are able to appreciate the context in which it works.

I was not in disagreement with him. However, the context mattered. Culture beyond collective behaviours In a past article I mentioned that culture can often be used as a shield and in the process we sideline our own common sense.

However, when I decipher a culture, I usually find more individuals who want to be victors rather than victims. My intermittent years, totaling eighteen, outside Malaysia has taught me that although the globe comprises many cultures, underlying these cultures are a set of individuals with personal motivations and values.

To derive these, when working with other cultures, requires us to be open, flexible and empathetic in our approach.

These are skills that I would include in cross-cultural training programmes. In all my experiences with new cultures, I took myself and some key skills which included remaining open, listening and observing.

Asking appropriate questions to learn and decipher.Essay on Should Evolution be Taught in Schools? - Evolution has been taught in all public schools for as long as many can recall.

Though the process of evolution is not the only theory, schools have been teaching it as if it is the complete truth, ignoring other aspects and only focusing and targeting on Darwin's theory of Evolution. Can culture be caught or taught A culture of an organization includes the norms, feelings, beliefs, attitudes, collective experiences, history, assumptions and values of an organization.

Culture is something a new executive senses even before his first day on the job. Can Culture Be Caught or Taught Essay Can culture be caught or taught A culture of an organization includes the norms, feelings, beliefs, attitudes, collective experiences, history, assumptions and values of an organization.

Jul 06,  · Best Answer: "Caught and not taught" means you learn values or behaviors from the people that practice them, instead of by being told. You "catch" such values by seeing them lived.

For example, if you were told, or "taught" by someone, "You ought to live a certain way" (but you saw them not being a very Status: Resolved. If their example, if their modeling of those values, is powerful enough, their values can be caught. Sadly, values that are less helpful to us personally and to society, can be "caught," too.

They are required to teach students honesty, fairness and equality inside the classroom despite diveristy of culture. But this is easier said than done because teaching morals to students involves more than just cognitive (knowledge) level.

values are caught and not taught. Thus.

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