Adrenaline air sports

Executive Summary Problem Statement What strategies should Adrenaline Air Sports implement in order to stay competitive in the region and ensure the sustainable profit growths? Purpose Statement The purpose of this report is to analyze the current market situation of the company and to recommend courses of action to address the question raised above.

Adrenaline air sports

Common uses[ edit ] Parachuting is performed as a recreational activity and a competitive sport, widely considered an extreme sport due to the risks involved.

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Modern militaries utilize parachuting for the deployment of airborne forces and supplies, and special operations forces commonly employ parachuting, especially free-fall parachuting, as a method of insertion.

Occasionally forest firefightersknown as " smokejumpers " in the United Statesuse parachuting as a means of rapidly inserting themselves near forest fires in especially remote or otherwise inaccessible areas.

Manually exiting an aircraft and parachuting to safety has been widely used by aviators especially military aviators and aircrewand passengers to escape an aircraft that could not otherwise land Adrenaline air sports. While this method of escape is relatively rare in modern times, it was commonly used in World War I by military aviators, and utilized extensively throughout the air wars of World War II.

In modern times, the most common means of escape from an aircraft in distress is via an ejection seat. Said system is usually operated by the pilot, aircrew member, or passenger, by engaging an activation device manually.

In most designs, this will lead to the seat being propelled out of and away from the aircraft carrying the occupant with it, by means of either an explosive charge or a rocket propulsion system. Once clear of the aircraft, the ejection seat will deploy a parachute, although some older models entrusted this step to manual activation by the seat's occupant.

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August Learn how and when to remove this template message Despite the perception of Adrenaline air sports, fatalities are relatively rare.

In the 80's, the average dropped to Between andthe average dropped to Inmembers of one organization, the United States Parachute Association USPA reported 2, skydiving injuries sufficiently severe to require resort to a medical care facility.

The reserve parachute must be periodically inspected and re-packed whether used or not by a certified parachute rigger in the US, an FAA certificated parachute rigger every days.

Many skydivers use an automatic activation device AAD that opens the reserve parachute at a pre-determined altitude if it detects that the skydiver is still in free fall.

Injuries and fatalities occurring under a fully functional parachute usually happen because the skydiver performed unsafe maneuvers or made an error in judgment while flying their canopy, typically resulting in a high-speed impact with the ground or other hazards on the ground.

Swooping is the advanced discipline of gliding at high-speed parallel to the ground during landing. Changing wind conditions are another risk factor. In conditions of strong winds and turbulence during hot days, the parachutist can be caught in downdrafts close to the ground.

Shifting winds can cause a crosswind or downwind landing which have a higher potential for injury due to the wind speed adding to the landing speed.

Another risk factor is that of "canopy collisions", or collisions between two or more skydivers under fully inflated parachutes. Canopy collisions can cause the jumpers' inflated parachutes to entangle with each other, often resulting in a sudden collapse deflation of one or more of the involved parachutes.

When this occurs, the jumpers often must quickly perform emergency procedures if there is sufficient altitude to do so to "cut-away" jettison from their main canopies and deploy their reserve canopies. Canopy collisions are particularly dangerous when occurring at altitudes too low to allow the jumpers adequate time to safely jettison their main parachutes and fully deploy their reserve parachutes.

Equipment failure rarely causes fatalities and injuries. Approximately one in deployments of a main parachute result in a malfunction. Reserve parachutes are packed and deployed differently; they are also designed more conservatively and built and tested to more exacting standards so they are more reliable than main parachutes, but the real safety advantage comes from the probability of an unlikely main malfunction multiplied by the even less likely probability of a reserve malfunction.

This yields an even smaller probability of a double malfunction although the possibility of a main malfunction that cannot be cutaway causing a reserve malfunction is a very real risk. Parachutists jumping from an Ilyushin Il of the Ukraine Air Force Parachuting disciplines such as BASE jumping or those that involve equipment such as wingsuit flying and sky surfing have a higher risk factor due to the lower mobility of the jumper and the greater risk of entanglement.

For this reason,[ tone ] these disciplines are generally practiced by experienced jumpers. In other cases, their practices would cause them to be grounded or shunned at any safety-conscious drop zone or club. In many countries, either the local regulations or the liability-conscious prudence of the drop zone owners require that parachutists must have attained the age of majority before engaging in the sport.

The first skydive performed without a parachute was by stuntman Gary Connery on 23 May at m.

Adrenaline air sports

For first time solo-parachutists, this includes anywhere from 4 to 8 hours of ground instruction. The percent of injuries caused by an improper landing position. This tendency is displayed in the accompanying chart, which shows the significantly higher proportion of wrist and ankle injuries among the injured in aparachute jump study.

Due to the possibility of fractures commonly occurring on the tibia and the ankle mortiseit is recommended that parachutists wear supportive footwear.

Weather[ edit ] Parachuting in poor weather, especially with thunderstorms, high winds, and dust devils can be a dangerous activity. Reputable drop zones will suspend normal operations during inclement weather.

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However, maximum ground winds are unlimited for licensed skydivers. Jumpers and pilots of the dropping aircraft similarly bear responsibility of following the other VFR elements, [13] in particular ensuring that the air traffic at the moment of jump does not create a hazard.

Canopy collisions[ edit ] A collision with another canopy is a statistical hazardand may be avoided by observing simple principles, including knowing upper wind speeds, the number of party members and exit groups, and having sufficient exit separation between jumpers.Kefalonia Water Sports Center lies on the Makris Gialos beach in Argostoli in Costa Costa beach club.

We offer a variety of activities for all ages and take care of the customer's safety due to a combination of the staff's experience and the most advanced and appropriate water sports gear. Adrenaline Air Sports, which opens for business in November , specializes in first time tandem skydiving & accelerated free fall.

Adrenaline Air Sports is a United States Parachute Association (USPA) affiliated skydiving center and the customer's safety is their #1 priority. Below is an example Group Paintball Membership and we can design one specifically for your group so contact us with what you have in mind.

Canton Air Sports, Alliance, OH. 13K likes. Opening in , Canton Air Sports is a full-service skydiving school and drop zone in Ohio/5(). Learn About Brooks® Adrenaline GTS Running Shoe.

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Adrenaline air sports

This breakthrough footwear collection from Brooks® features a BioMoGoDNA midsole for support and resilient cushion on the go. In performing a SWOT analysis on Adrenaline Air Sports, we identified several major and minor issues and challenges facing the company.

Business dedication, location, marketing, plane capacity, and garnering repeat business were all identified as major issues.

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