A case study of organisational behaviour south west airlines

Ashutosh Muduli Southwest Airlines Success: A Case Study Analysis Dr. Vinita Kaura ABSTRACT In this cut throat competitive era service firms may survive with innovative strategies with reference to people, process and physical evidence that differentiate their services from their competitors.

A case study of organisational behaviour south west airlines

LO3 Understand the effects of supply and demand on the travel and tourism sector 3. If tourist did not seek tourism experiences, and wish to visit far and distant locations, the travel and tourism industry would not be such a big phenomenon it is today Sharpley, Demand in travel industry is generated by the demographics of the tourist mix which considers factor such as political stability and tourist safety as major concerns while travelling.

Factors like changing work patterns of tourists and their ability to afford holidays or destination stays also play a role in generating or reducing demand. If most of these demand indicators are within the grasp of the individual tourist, the demand is reasonably high and countries with sufficient supply side mostly tends to enjoy catering to such demand.

A case study of organisational behaviour south west airlines

To support this demand that gets generated, it is very important to have a strong supply side which is full equipped with the requirements of the demand. Supply side consists of the accommodation availability, different types of accommodation for different tourists according to their spending habits, the number of tour operator operating in the country of the tourists and having associations with the UK operators, availability of customised products, sufficient quality and adequate service of products being marketed, access to different associated services like retail shops, easier immigration processes, and sustainability in the product designs.


With the availability of these supply side facilities, it is possible to meet the demand side requirements. UK is a culturally strong country and is mostly associated with every single country for its travel offers.

Most countries are directly connected to UK and operate tours in the best possible way offering great service and quality tours. Visit Britain- Monthly Inbound Update, The above chart shows that the number of visits and their respective spends have increased in may this year compared to last year same time.

The countries budget introducing many policy reforms for the travel sector is helping to attract more tourists as they would have their cost also go down. The country is experiencing good growth by the effort sit has been putting in developing travel infrastructure and growth of business.

This also indicates the health of the economy and the affordability of tourists to visit the country. So business, economy, economy of other countries are strong factors affecting the travel and tourisms sector in the UK.

UK has been seeing a steady rise in the number of its hotel rooms with at least about 15, rooms added every year since Ons. However, it is seen that when the market is not supporting ad very difficult to survive similar to the financial recession ofmany hotels were also converted into residential complexes and sold Ons.

This is because the cost of operating a hotel is very high and when the demand is dead, the fixed cost are impossible to pay and the owners mostly look for conversion into residential or commercial buildings and give them on rent or sell out. Since the recovery ofagain there is a trend of adding investments in the number of hotels and with the entry of institutional investors, the industry is again gaining speed to cater to the rising demand.

According to Jamiesonthe UK hotel industry is seeing hotel openings in each year fromand this increase is bearing the fruits right now with a significant rise in the number of business, holiday, and Asian tourists.

In addition to these, UK has introduced a lot of low-cost airlines which have started to fly from different countries breaking the monopoly of individual operators.

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This addition has tried to set up new norms of demand such as leisure travel. The market understood that it is price sensitive and it needs to offer low cost travel and low cost holidays to further the supply side facilities to capitalise on the generated demand.

Moreover, the Internet based bookings and the spread and increase in the reach of internet to new countries has also helped in catering to the demand.

A case study of organisational behaviour south west airlines

The infrastructure uplifting at the Heathrow airport has also encouraged travellers to consider travelling to London and nearby locations. Besides, government campaigns like Visit Scotland and others have performed very well in attracting visitors from various countries. The investment in the campaign was also supported by the investment by airlines to start new routes which helped them capture new markets.

Thus the indicators for a strong supply side is not only increasing number of rooms, but also increasing the infrastructure quality, marketing campaigns, and increasing tourism spots have helped UK to gain an advantage in managing the increased demand that was generated. Task 4 LO4 Understand the impacts of tourism 4.

It strives to bring in foreign currency and maintain a sustainable tourism environment so that the tourists are compelled to visit again and explore more. The industry has both positive and negative impacts on economic, environmental, and social elements of the country.

For example, considering economic impact, tourism helps in generating employment directly. Also the associated sectors like hotels, service industry, tour operators, also experiences employment rate, because an increase in hotel development will also increase employment in the raw material providers, construction industry, etc.

It helps in increasing government revenues, the overall economic growth contributing to the GDP which in turn helps the government to invest in the infrastructure provisions. Environmentally, it helps in maintaining and conserving natural resources and natural tourist spots which otherwise would be in ruins.

The tourist awareness of being an environmentally concerned traveller also enhances, and the historical and cultural sites remain secured and safe as a result of it being a tourist attraction and regular maintenance Briassoulis and Straaten, When a country receives an environmentally concerned country, it tends to pass on the feelings to other countries directly or through their travel community which demands such changes.

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The socially deprived gets attention through the social programs of many tourism companies and increase in employee requirements tends to employ rural population providing them with a source of living. On the negative side, countries could learn to depend more on a single industry for their revenues.Case Study QANTAS essay.

This student studied: University of Sydney - ACCT - Financial Accounting B. ACCT Assignment QANTAS AASB 8 () requires companies such as Qantas to provide disclosures on their operating segments so users can see the entity’s operations from the perspective of the chief operating decision maker (CODM) (AASB (b) ).

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The case "Southwest Airlines'Organizational Culture" gives an account of the development of the organizational culture of Southwest Airlines. The case starts with the background of Southwest and its development over the years. South west Airlines Industry: To download Southwest Airlines' Organizational Culture case study (Case Code.

A case study South west airline faces new challenges South west airlines use the same methods and formula for its success even after 32 year.